Car Show 4/17/21


The weather may have been dreary but the cars looked amazing! The car owners were friendly and ready to share their stories of their rides. There was no doubt the love and hard work that went into every one of these vehicles even the old bicycle.  

One of the couples took the time to talk with me about their "Baby". Larry and Dana Roberson built the 1970 K5 Blazer from the ground up. It was a labored project that the whole family was involved in down to the grandchildren. It was a total of 5 years of love and hard work to see the beautiful outcome. Dana Roberson even customed mixed the paint color to match their vision. Larry purchased the Blazer in 1975 which means he is the second owner and has loved it for many years. Thank you for sharing your story.  

Enjoy the pictures of the various vehicles at the show