About us

How we got started

Cars with Passion

    We are located in the heart of Texas. When the original group in Brownwood, who had put on the show for years, could no longer do it, the hearts of three guys, Wayne Creel, Donnie Seale, and Paul Peck, just could not let it die out; so began the Heartland Cruisers. In 2012 we actually became a structured nonprofit club with bylaws, officers, and dues. Now it is a growing group with as many diverse cars as people and personalities.

    During the year we participate in many activities. The big event is our Rod Run on the first weekend in June.
We meet almost every Tuesday night at the Sonic in Early, Texas. If you get a chance come join us.
     In some form or fashion, we participate in approximately 40 events over the year. You know, there are only 52 weeks in a year, but who is counting when you are having fun.

    What a Great Group we have, and thanks to all that pitch in and make it happen. Come see us and be part of the fun.

Get to know us

Come join us for our weekly Tuesday cruise at the Sonic in Early at 6:30 pm.